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At Facility Compliance Services we strive to ensure your organization is in compliance with ALL regulatory standards.

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Welcome to Facility Compliance Services LLC

At Facilities Compliance Services we strive to ensure your organization is in compliance with ALL regulatory standards. Our wide range of services enables your operation to run under pristine conditions. Entrust our highly educated, licensed, certified, and motivated professionals to maintain your organization to the highest standards.

  • Licensed and Fully Insured
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Programs
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Guaranteed Compliance
  • Exceptional Performance
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About Facility Compliance Services

Facility Compliance Services LLC, a CT licensed company founded in 2016. Next generation service provider leading the way into the future.

Our Services

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Preventative Maintenance Programs

We follow specified guidelines and plans to prevent equipment and machinery from breaking down.

Life Safety Inspections, Code Consulting, and Plan Reviews

Life Safety Inspections, Code Consulting, and Plan Reviews

We provide facility compliance audits based on your facility needs to ensure all life safety codes are maintained.

Fire Drill Training

Fire Drill Training

No one expects to have a fire or other disaster at work, but they happen every day in office buildings across the country.

Fire Door Inspections

Fire Door Inspections

Having a properly operating fire door is a key component to stop the spread of a deadly fire, smoke, toxic fumes and gases.

Emergency Preparedness Plan Development

Emergency Preparedness Plan Development

An emergency in a healthcare facility is far different than in any other facilities because it affects the ability to provide medical care.

Life Safety Drawings and Review

Life Safety Drawings and Review

Life Safety Drawings serve as a map to your facility and are required to keep healthcare facilities under regulatory compliance.

Water Management Plans and Legionella Remediation

Water Management Plans and Legionella Remediation

Common aquatic bacteria, Legionella can be found in many potable and utility water systems.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

We can help with the maintenance of your facilities with professionals to staff your day-to-day needs.

Vendor Performance

Robert our organization and members of our various health care units would like to thank you for the work ethic that you and your team at Facilities Compliance Services employ and apply to our complex health care environments. Our Building, Engineering & Physical Plant Directors have found your crews to be professional, courteous, trusted an
  • Brian Liistro

    Managing Member

Have been working with Facilities Compliance for a year and a half. I have been impressed with their depth of knowledge, immediate response and their highly professional attitude.
  • Victor Vivadu

    Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness

Super knowledgeable and professional staff. Highly recommend.
  • Kent Owusu

    Professionalism,Quality, Value

Excellent service. Friendly professional staff. Highly recommend.
  • Frank Kassey

    Professionalism,Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

FCS has really been a dependable and knowledgeable service vendor. The knowledge the staff has exhibited exceeds expectations. Every time they were needed during emergencies the response has been first class. I would recommend this company without hesitation.
  • Edward Jamele Jr

    Professionalism,Quality, Responsiveness

Facility Compliance Fire Protection is a very dependable and professional organization. We made the switch to FCS about a year ago and their service is superb. Their technicians are knowledgeable and professional.
  • Stan DeCosta

    Professionalism,Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

FCS has been working in my facility for a few years. They have always worked very well with my staff and myself. They come for routine work and have responded for emergency issues as well. They always do great work and arrive on time, quick for emergency work as well. Someone always answers the phone and is able to assist with any questions. They
  • Paul Bishins

    Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Rob and I have worked on many projects with Athena and can’t say how happy we are with his company as the extra mile is given again and again. FCS always will have the answers and will make the effort in making their customers feel at ease with coming up with solutions that will not break yearly budgets. All I can say is they never disappoint Per
  • Paul Dailey

    Professionalism,Punctuality, Quality,Responsiveness, Value

Meet the FCS Compliance Pro Team

We strive for perfection at Facility Compliance Services. Meet our amazing team of highly skilled workers who help us carry that motto out everyday.

Robert Boulanger III

Robert Boulanger III, is a NFPA Certified Fire Inspector, ASSE Certified in Legionella Water Safety & Management...

Lygia Boulanger

Lygia Boulanger, Director of Marketing and Social Media - Lygia is a founding member of the FCS/FCS

Zachary Jamele

Operations Manager, Zak has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management.

Meris Zilkic

Meris is a Certified Life Safety Specialist and ASSE Certified in Legionella Water Safety & Management.

William Ellam

- Field Technician

Nolan Sorber

Nolan is a member of the FCS maintenance services team and provides a tremendous amount of knowledge in the field.

Zuvdija Sabovic

Director of Maintenance

Jackie DeFrancesco

Office Manager- Jackie is a valued member of the FCS and is a central hub of all office support.

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